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Jameson Speaks

Carrie Webber - Jameson Dental Coaching and Marketing

Carrie Webber

Carrie Webber is Chief Communications Officer and co-owner of Jameson, a dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firms that helps dentists and teams become more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled in their practicing lives. Carrie creates customer service and business development opportunities as well as internal and external marketing initiatives and social media strategies to effectively communicate the Jameson message to the dental profession. Carrie is a contributing author to several publications and blogs on the topics of marketing, customer service and business development as well as a popular speaker at dental meetings nationwide. She is also a member of the Speaking Consulting Network and was named a Leader in CE by Dentistry Today in 2019.


Cathy Jameson PhD

Cathy Jameson is the founder of Jameson Management, an international dental management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm. The Jameson Method of Management, developed by Cathy, offers proven management and marketing systems for helping organizations improve their workflow and efficiency in a positive, forward thinking culture. Cathy earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and then a Master’s Degree in psychology from Goddard College. She received her doctorate from Walden University.

A popular speaker at dental meetings, both domestically and abroad, Cathy brings her vast experience as well as humor and heart to each of her powerful programs. Cathy has been named one of the Top 25 Women in Dentistry as well as being the recipient of the second Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Dental Office Managers in 2014.

She considers herself a life long learner and encourages those around her to be in a constant state of study, growth and action. She is the author of several books, including her latest title: Creating a Healthy Work Environment.

Brenda McNulty - Jameson Pediatric Dental Coaching

Brenda McNulty

Brenda’s infectious and energetic attitude shines through in her unique presentation style. For over 20 years Brenda has worked with dental teams across the country bringing efficiency techniques for both clinical as well as business team members in general practices, as well as orthodontic and pediatric practices. Her passion for the dental profession continues to propel her forward as a key expert for dentists and teams looking to pursue more successfully their ideal practice vision.

Amy Logan Parrish - Jameson Dental Speakers

Amy Logan Parrish

Amy Logan Parrish is Chief Development Officer for Jameson Management, a practice management, marketing and hygiene coaching firm. Amy focuses primarily on growth and development for both the company as a whole and for the individual team members that make up the organization’s dynamic culture. She has been a featured speaker at numerous dental meetings across the country delivering engaging presentations on a variety of subjects relevant to today’s dental team including customer service, marketing, and team development.

Patty Flannigan - Jameson Management and Dental Coaching

Patty Flanagan

A practicing clinician, speaker, and writer, Patty brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her clients as a Jameson advisor. With a focus on creating health centered relationships based on exceptional communication, trust, and integrity, Patty helps dentists and dental team members develop their best systems for ultimate success. Her thoughtful approach to coaching allows each of her clients to achieve results in an efficient and effective way.