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getting to know you

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matching you with a solution

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fees and options

here's what I found for you

keep in mind I'm just a robot so I've done my best to match you with a solution based on your answers. We'd be thrilled to get a Jameson team member involved for a more tailored recommendation. 🙂

Recommended Coaching Package


$1975 - $3975

billed monthly
This package is great for you because:
  • You selected 2 or more areas you would like to improve in your practice.
  • You rated your practice neutral or poorly on two or more areas.
  • You mentioned that you need at least some in person guidance.

Alternative Coaching Option



$4500 billed in 3 monthly installments
This might be a great alternative if:
  • You're not really sure where to start and you need more individualized guidance.
  • You want to start with a holistic health check of your practice.
  • You want to get to know Jameson before committing to a long term coaching plan.