7 min readWhat Is Organic Marketing, and How Can It Grow the Success of Your Dental Practice? Part 2

Nate Porter

Organic marketing is the digital solution to the phonebook.

As we discussed in Part 1, organic marketing can help you get away from an ever-increasing advertising budget. We also looked at the power of organic marketing by taking a look at John Deere and how they revolutionized marketing in 1895. Now, we’re going to hear from Nate Porter, Jameson’s Chief Marketing Officer, about why he chose to invest his professional life in organic marketing.

Nate Talks Organic Marketing on the Jameson Files Podcast
What Is Organic Marketing, and How Can It Grow the Success of Your Dental Practice? Part 2 2

Nate Porter and a Beginning in Organic Marketing

For better or worse, I’ve always been someone who likes to pursue things I’m curious about. I started out in software development, with nonprofits as the target customer. My team at the time and I were looking at how we could reach our audience—nonprofits that would be looking for our software. There are nonprofits all over our nation. We needed a way to reach them, so the only way we found we could really reach them was through online marketing methods.

Digital Advertising

We tried all kinds of different approaches to reaching nonprofits through digital marketing. We tried advertising, buying lists, all kinds of different things. Nothing really seemed to work that well or that consistently.

Digital ads gave us a spike in views and inquiries, but that spike quickly went away. Spending more on ads didn’t have the same effect, and we were left chasing our customers.

Switching to an Organic Approach

So, we tried something new. We started doing more organic content marketing. We consistently demonstrated the authority we had on certain topics we knew nonprofits faced as challenges, and slowly, things turned around. Instead of chasing customers, they were reaching out to us first. These people were really interested in and already sold on our software as a solution to their problem.

That made me really curious about what was possible with that approach. I started talking about it a lot within my network, which led to another opportunity. A local business I had worked with through software development asked if we could help them take their local product and reach a national audience. We gave it a try, and it worked out really well.

The only thing that pushes me more than my curiosity is results. And this company’s results were impressive. They reached $1 million in sales in their first year with our marketing approach.

A New Path Helping Others Achieve Growth

In many ways, what was true back when I started in digital marketing is still true today. When you have something unique and original that is valuable to the person who is searching for it, it’s going to reach the audience that is looking for it.

More authentic, real-life content is winning out over any other kind of content in organic marketing or marketing at large. That’s not a new thing. Our focus, marketing or not, for your dental practice has always centered on authenticity.

A good example of this is if you went to a movie and saw two movies that were the same genre with the same concept and themes. One movie outsells the other significantly, though. You certainly enjoyed one more than the other, even though the movies were similar. Why did that happen? It’s because the content was more authentic, the storyline was better, and people connected with it more.

It’s the same with content marketing. The authenticity of it is what makes it the most valuable.

The dental industry is one that is full of educated, skilled professionals with a lot of heart. Authenticity is what they live and breathe day in and day out. I’m always eager to show them that organic content marketing is a natural fit to the way they already practice dental medicine.

No Gimmicks Necessary

Sometimes a doctor or a practice’s team member wants to know what trick or gimmick we plan to use to help them achieve the results they need. But tricks and gimmicks aren’t necessary. We’re here to help our doctors raise their potential patient’s awareness of them, then it’s up to the practice to do the rest.

Dr. Cathy Jameson has said, “People will come back to your dental practice because of the experience they had, not because of the dentistry you did.” And she’s right.

People are looking for something they can relate to. That’s what draws them to choose a particular practice over another. Seth Godin calls creating a brand and marketing approach that calls to like-minded people “creating your tribe.” People are attracted to people with similar values, ideas, and goals. People are looking to connect with a brand more today than they ever have been in the past.

So putting out technical information or a technical reason why you are the best choice won’t connect as well as giving potential patients a reason that’s personal to them. If you look at 100 dental practices and categorize each dental practice by the services they offer, you’ll discover there will be a lot of overlap. You’re going to find 20 out of 100 that offer the same exact range of services. But if you look at the experience the individual doctors have, the care they give, and the customer service overall, that is where differentiation comes in.

The organic approach takes time.

Organic content marketing takes time to build momentum. There are a few reasons for that. For one, good content takes time to create. And what’s the point if you don’t have content people will be looking for and connecting with?

The other factor is less definite. Did you ever create a whirlpool in an at-home pool as a kid? Once you got all the water in the pool moving with you, you could float along. If you tried to go against that artificially created current, it was hard at first. It took time and effort to slowly change the current.

Changing your marketing approach is the same.

It takes time to change the current and move it in a more effective manner. The great part about organic content marketing, though, is that once you’ve given it a few months to yield results, you’ll see that the results build consistently.

Honoring the Trust of Our Doctors

I am humbled by the doctors we work with. These are individuals who have fought against difficult circumstances to breathe new life into their practices. These are doctors who only want to serve their patients in a real way.

I take their trust to heart.

There’s a Process for That

Some doctors we work with are very hands-on. These doctors like to be involved in the process every step of the way. I can relate, having been a small business owner myself. We have processes in place to keep these doctors involved in a meaningful way without wasting their time or doubling up their efforts with ours.

The other type of doctor we work with are those who have had a bad experience with other dental marketing agencies. These doctors are tired. They’ve been burned, and experience tells them marketing their dental practice is simply ineffective. Thankfully, they come to us anyway, trying to find a new approach that will yield results for their practice’s well-being. We also have processes in place to make sure these doctors know what’s happening and what the results are from our joint efforts.

I’m proud of the amazing team we have here at Jameson. They continually manage to change and grow and develop new ideas to meet our doctors where they’re at.

We’re here to help practices like yours.

No two practices are the same. We thrive on helping a dental practice determine how they’re different and how to present that in a meaningful way to potential patients.

If you’d like to try an organic marketing approach with your dental practice, we’d be happy to talk with you about what that would look like for you.

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