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3 min readIs Your Team Ready to Soar?

Nate Porter

As a business owner you read every blog, journal, and leadership book you can to increase your awareness and to promote growth within your practice. It is expected of you! When you are presented with an opportunity to change the systems within your practice to increase efficiency or profitability you must make certain your team will buy into these newly found ideas. How do you know if your team is on the same page and in the same mindset? I have found that there are distinct characteristics of team members that are able to move forward with you! Is your team ready?

Does your team have what it takes to soar?

  • Ability to listen. Listening is not a course that is taught in school. It is a learned art! When I begin working with a team that has the ability to listen, their mind is open to change and they are craving answers. They have acknowledged that they don’t have all of the systems in place and that is OK. They are seeking out professional assistance from someone who can emphasize with them and provide the guidance necessary to achieve their goals. They begin to question, why have we always done it that way and search for new directions.
  • Eager to learn. Once your team has the ability to listen and they accept what is being shared, they become eager to learn! This means that they are learning new systems, techniques, verbal skills, etc. and they begin to self-reflect to determine other areas of your practice that need refinement. Now you have a team that is totally committed to making changes, seeing things differently and implementing new tools. Having a team that is eager to learn is a reward because you, as the business owner, do not have to constantly drag them to move forward, they are on the path with you!
  • Embraces change. This word scares so many people! Change does not have to be viewed as a negative. Change is an opportunity and viewed as an upgrade! When was the last time you upgraded your cell phone or traded in that older model car for the newer amenities? Change will be accepted if it is presented well, thought out, and ultimately makes sense to the team. When you ask your team to be open minded and see changes as a problem-solving tool they begin to understand there are solutions to problems that they have never addressed. When they begin to see that change can allow you to complete tasks more efficiently or to serve your patients at a higher level, change is embraced and welcomed!
  • Willing to do the work. Building a successful dental practice is difficult, unless you have a team that is primed and willing to help you do the work! Careful evaluation of each system in your practice is necessary to determine where you should begin making changes. Once a plan of action is created the hard work and implementation begins. One of the most important steps in doing the work is the evaluation of how you are doing. Are you beginning to see the fruits of your labor? Do you need to go back and re-evaluate for effectiveness?

A team that is willing to work will help you achieve all of your goals! Don’t forget to appreciate all of them for seeing your vision on this journey!  If you have the right team in place, the right mindset to evaluate your systems, and the right plan of action you have a team that is ultimately ready to soar!

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