Some of our team met in Oklahoma City for collaboration and training in 2022.

The Jameson Group

The Jameson Group is a team of passionate managers, creators, and innovators who carry on our 30 year legacy of helping dental practice owners build their dream practices and lives. Our team follows the principles of the 25 proven Jameson Systems for a successful dental practice.

We believe in the value of relationships, the longevity of integrity, the importance of balance between work and personal lives, the importance of respect for eachother, and the long term benefits of kindness.

We take a holistic view of our services and believe that collaboration between business, clinical, and marketing disciplines provide a unique value for our clients. We believe authenticity and storytelling are powerful but that data also tells an important story about the success of our services.

We believe that real-world experience and a real world "lab" is important for testing our ideas. That's why we were born in a dental practice and to this day we maintain ownership in at least one dental practice where we can test our theories, technology, and new approaches to dental practice management and marketing.


Founding of Jameson Management

Jameson was founded by Cathy Jameson, PhD driven by the requests from other practices who saw the success of Dr. John Jameson's practice in rural Oklahoma.



Dental Marketing

After working with thousands of dental practices across the world, the Jameson Coaching team became increasingly frustrated with the Marketing options available for dentists. 

In 2007 we acquired a small marketing firm and worked to build our own team built with an understanding of dental systems and tested against real world metrics of practice health and success.



Building on our Legacy

2012 saw a new chapter in our company as Jess and Carrie Webber took on the legacy of Jameson as the new owners of the company. 



Grow by Jameson

The advent of a global pandemic spurred us to fast track our online learning platform where our clients could take advantage of our training in a virtual enviroment. In late 2020 we also launched our companion app where you can take Jameson in your pocket and on the go.


Our Mission

To help create more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled dental and business professionals by providing appropriate and sophisticated solutions at the right time with exceptional connection, generosity, gratitude, and skill.

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Carrie Webber

Growing up the daughter of John and Cathy Jameson, Carrie was immersed in all things Jameson whether she wanted to be or not.

As an Owner, Speaker and Chief Communications Officer of Jameson, Carrie regularly travels and speaks to the Dental Owners, Practice Managers, and Team about tools for growing and improving their practices.


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Jess Webber

With a Masters in Health Administration, for almost 25 years, Jess has overseen all advising, management and growth aspects of Jameson, as well as launched an international arm of the business.

As an Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Jess leads our team and works on developing future opportunities, and services for Jameson clients. His work with KPIs and growth opportunities for both individual and group practices has lead to successful growth for dental business owners.

To keep real world experience, Jess is also an operational partner in a dental practice in Oklahoma City.