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The Jameson Files 103 – “Community” with Dr. Loeta Robles

Dr. Robles has a long relationship with her community in Chico, CA. They’ve been there for her through some challenging times. With the recent advent of devastating forest fires in Paradise, CA, Dr. Robles has found a uniquely meaningful way to contribute to her community while lifting her practice and patients as well as neighboring dental practices and patients displaced by the forest fires.

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The Jameson Files 102 – Origin Story with Dr. Cappy Sinclair

Carrie Webber: [00:00:13] Welcome to the Jameson Files. I’m Carrie Webber your host. And on this episode we’re joined by Dr. Cappy Sinclair of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We’re going to talk about his incredible origin story that took him on a journey from art restoration to smile restoration. So thank you so much for joining…

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The Jameson Files 101 – Origin Story with Dr. Loeta Robles

Carrie Webber: [00:00:09] Welcome to the Jameson files. I’m Carrie Webber and I’ll be your host. On this episode we are joined by Dr. Loeta Robles of Chico California. And we have the chance to talk about her incredible origin story as her journey in becoming the phenomenal dentist that she is today. So thank…

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