How Do I Handle A Toxic Team Member?

How to handle toxic team member

What is a toxic team member? We are often asked questions by dental professionals who are at a loss for what to do about a problem that isn’t exclusive to dentistry. Inevitably, the questions are: “What do I do about a team member who is resistant to change and affecting the rest of the team?…

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How to Break the Cycle of Single-Tooth Dentistry

breaking the cycle of single tooth dentistry

Practicing single-tooth dentistry is exhausting. Being a dentist is everything you thought it would be—and simultaneously nothing like you imagined. If you could have spent as many years learning marketing and business administration as you did dentistry, then you’d be set, right? Your practice would be blossoming. You’d be expanding. Your goals would be met…

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5 Tips for Developing Your Dental Practice by Investing in Your Dental Team

5 Tips for Developing Your Practice by Investing in Your Team

Developing your dental practice and managing your dental team has felt like building a brick wall—heavy, hard labor. Except before you got to the heavy lifting, you first had to learn how to make bricks from nothing, weigh the pros and cons of 50 different kinds of mortar before selecting one, workshop how to prepare the foundation for the bricks, and then finally learn how to assemble the bricks and mortar into a wall that won’t come tumbling down.

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