What's your business plan for the forward momentum of your practice?

How to Battle Entropy and Friction in Your Business As You Plan for the Future

Your Path of Sustainability and Growth for 2021 My husband Jess and I are owners of two businesses, one of which is The Jameson Group—a company we have been a part of for 20 years and have owned for eight. I spent a great deal of time at the end of 2020 thinking about our…
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patient financing for dental practices

Where Does Patient Financing Fit in Today’s Dental Patient Experience?

Patient financing is an invaluable tool.  As a profession, the storm we have withstood during the Coronavirus pandemic is extraordinary. As we work through all that is required of us as dental practices to reopen and see patients, one area that may be overlooked at the beginning is how our patients have weathered this storm…
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Hiring and Firing Process for Your Dental Team

The Jameson Files 118 – Your Hiring and Firing Process for Your Dental Team

Carrie Webber (00:13): Everyone. Welcome to the Jameson files. I’m Carrie Weber, and I am your host. Thank you for joining us. Live on Facebook where we do our Jameson files live via live stream every other Wednesday through the end of the year. So thank you for joining us if you’re on live and…
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Common financial conversation hurdles

Common Hurdles to Overcome in Financial Conversations

Make effective financial and case presentations a priority. Margaret Thatcher once said, “Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” I think it would prove difficult to find greater words said about execution in general. When we consider the various aspects of what makes a strong and successful dental practice, preparation…
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Leading Beyond COVID

Never the Same: Leading Through Change (Yes, Think COVID)

Leading Beyond COVID-19 My husband Jess and I own and run our business together. For the rest of my life, I will vividly remember the continuous intensity in which we have worked in the COVID “pause” in dentistry. It often felt like one continuous day – morning, noon, and night — working on our business,…
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dental patient financing tips

Where does patient financing fit in today’s dental patient experience?

Storms, Change, and COVID-19 As a profession, the storm we have withstood in the Coronavirus season is extraordinary. As we work through every condition that is required of us as dental practices to reopen and see patients, one area that may be overlooked at the beginning is how our patients have weathered this storm themselves,…
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woman blowing her nose in tissue

How to Address COVID-19 Infections in Your Dental Practice

Your dental practice is open, but your team member is sick. What do you do? It’s a worry on the mind of many dental practice leaders across the nation and world right now. In an effort to help you develop a plan specific to your practice and level of comfort, we have developed some general…
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building your dental practice

How to Move Back to Methodically Building Your Dental Practice

5 Tips to Get Back on Track with Practice Growth Like many businesses around the world, your dental practice has had a serious setback with the recent closure. Now, as you are poised to reopen or as you walk through your first days fully open, you might find yourself still in crisis mode, waiting for…
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Super Hygiene Day

Recover and Restore Your Dental Hygiene Schedule with a Super Hygiene Day

When dental practices have a lapse in treating patients, it is often difficult to catch up with the number of lapsed hygiene patients due in the retention schedule, especially as the doctor’s schedule is often too limited to realistically work in these extra evaluations. The result can be missed production in the hygiene department. The…
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How to have happy team members

8 Ways You’re Harming Your Dental Team’s Morale and What to Do Instead

Your dental team is vital to your dental practice. As the doctor, your contact with a patient occurs well after they’ve arrived at your practice. The patient has already spoken with your receptionist and the hygienist by the time you see them. If they’ve had a rotten experience with your dental team members, then diagnosing…
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