10 Ways Empathy Results in Better Patient Outcomes

Empathy positively impacts patients.

How the Cognitive, Emotional, and Compassionate Aspects of Empathy Play Out in the Dental Field  Imagine this: You’re seated nervously in the dental chair, your heart pounding a little too fast. At that moment, a compassionate dental professional enters the room, warmly smiles, and asks how they can make you feel more comfortable. In that…

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9 Leadership Qualities Every Dentist Should Have

Leadership Skills in Dentistry: Why It Matters If you are trying to succeed as a dentist, leadership qualities are likely to be more important than you might at first think. When you are involved in running a dental practice, it is vitally important to be able to lead your team effectively. That means understanding the…

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Never the Same: Leading Through Change (Yes, Think COVID)

Leading Beyond COVID

Leading Beyond COVID-19 My husband Jess and I own and run our business together. For the rest of my life, I will vividly remember the continuous intensity in which we have worked in the COVID “pause” in dentistry. It often felt like one continuous day – morning, noon, and night — working on our business,…

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The Most Urgent Questions Practices Are Asking As They Reopen

man in tie working on computer

Stabilizing Your Practice after the COVID-19 Shutdown As this is written, the top questions practices ask us primarily revolve around the following: Stabilization of their financial status Utilization of their PPP funds Accessibility to PPE How to appropriately understand and execute new infection control guidelines How to cope with employment surprises as they bring back…

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