About Jameson

The Jameson Story

Looking back into the history of Jameson, all of it’s beginnings look to Dr. John Jameson’s dental practice and his 30 year career of providing restorative and aesthetic care in a rural Oklahoma town. His successful practice was developed in partnership as Drs. John and Cathy Jameson developed and implemented key management systems within Dr. John’s practice with Cathy at the helm. Through Cathy’s integration of sound management and business tactics, their practice began to soar and thrive during a very challenging economic time in a blue-collar town. Word began to spread about the great things Cathy was accomplishing with John and practices began asking for her help in integrating the same systems she put into place for John in their own dental practices.

The rest, as they say, is history. From a thriving dental practice in a small town to thousands of dental practices worldwide, Jameson’s 25 management systems and the incredible advisors that have coached them have seen phenomenal results for over 25 years.



Our Mission

To help create more productive, more profitable and ultimately more fulfilled dental and business professionals by providing appropriate and sophisticated solutions at the right time with exceptional connection, generosity, gratitude, and skill.

Our Values


We will honor our clients and teammates with kindness through our actions, our words and our dedication to improving the practices and businesses that give us the privilege of working with them.


We will give our clients and teammates the utmost respect as we work together so that we in turn can earn the respect of others through work well done. We earn respect by going above and beyond in service and instruction, and by staying on the forefront of needs and trends of the profession.


We will work with intention so that our clients and teammates know they can count on us to do what we say, work hard for them and each other, go above and beyond what is expected, lead by example and always choose what’s right over what’s easy.


We will strive to always be in pursuit of living healthy, happy lives for ourselves, for our teammates and our clients – whatever that means for each of us.


We will build up strong relationships both with our teammates and our clients: relationships of trust & connection through kindness, respect & integrity.

The Jameson Team

Committed to Your Success

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CARRIE WEBBER Chief Communications Officer

As Chief Communications Officer and Co-Owner of Jameson, Carrie oversees all marketing, media and communications for Jameson.

JESS WEBBER, MHA Chief Executive Officer

Jess is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner of Jameson Management. Jess oversees all advising, management and technology aspects of Jameson, as well as human resources and corporate relations.

CATHY JAMESON Founder and Speaker

Cathy Jameson, PHD is the founder of Jameson Management with over 25 years of experience teaching and speaking across the country and around the globe.


Dr. Jameson and his successful practice of 30 years is the basis of which the Jameson Method of Management and Clinical coaching were created.