Month: August 2023

Workplace stress can affect your business

5 Facts About Workplace Stress That May Surprise You

How Workplace Stress Affects Your Dental Practice Growth With the right team members, it’s possible to increase production, earn high satisfaction scores, and develop a positive reputation in the community. Unfortunately, workplace stress is a major threat to your dental practice: It can reduce morale, increase conflict, and reduce your team’s effectiveness at meeting patients’…
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Communication by patient texting

The Best Texting Guide for Patient Communication

Why Patient Texting Is Becoming the Name of the Game in Patient-Doctor Communication In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape mobile usage has become a formidable force. In fact, the average U.S. smartphone user now spends around 26 minutes daily texting. What’s more impressive is the staggering 99% open rate of text messages, with a response…
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Empathy positively impacts patients.

10 Ways Empathy Results in Better Patient Outcomes

How the Cognitive, Emotional, and Compassionate Aspects of Empathy Play Out in the Dental Field  Imagine this: You’re seated nervously in the dental chair, your heart pounding a little too fast. At that moment, a compassionate dental professional enters the room, warmly smiles, and asks how they can make you feel more comfortable. In that…
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