Month: June 2023

A dental practice doesn't come with a blueprint. let us make you one.

Being a Dentist Doesn’t Come with a Blueprint. Let’s Make a Successful One.

Would you build a house without a blueprint? How to build a successful dental practice. The most successful dentists aren’t necessarily the ones who studied the most or scored the highest on their boards, but the ones who understand the importance of dental practice management. Unfortunately, most dental schools provide little guidance on how to…
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Your dental vision with Dr. Cappy Sinclair.

Episode 152: Dr. Cappy Sinclair AACD

Dr. Cappy Sinclair Shares About the Power of Vision in Dentistry The following podcast has been lightly edited for flow. To enjoy the audio conversation, you can watch on YouTube or listen to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify. Video: Carrie Webber: Welcome to the Jameson Files. I’m your host, Carrie Webber.…
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why subscription website platforms are here to stay People sitting around computer smiling with coffee

Why Subscription Website Platforms Are Here To Stay

A Really Brief History of Website Platforms Once upon a time, websites were online calling cards. Think about them like billboards that passersby might see while zooming down the highway of the internet.  Except that they often didn’t.  Nobody was sure why they had a website, but they were very cool. Then, a long time…
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